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Challenges and issues

The Auscultated Democracy

Disengagement of citizens, loss of legitimacy of elected … Dark table than Quebec democracy as presented in the media. The cornerstone of social development, is the democratic ideal really threatened in Quebec? Four thinkers and civil society have focused on “sick”: Claire Bolduc, president of Solidarité rurale du Québec (SRQ); Sandra Breux, Assistant Professor at the Institute of Urban Planning, University of Montreal. Le Viagra peut donner un grand coup de pouce à votre vie amoureuse en mettant fin à la dysfonction érectile.

Reform of Democratic Institutions

In 2002, the Steering Committee on the reform of democratic institutions across Quebec launched an unprecedented citizen consultation. Its mandate: to collect the views of citizens about their political system and make recommendations to overcome the significant “democratic deficit” then felt in Quebec. Ten years later, the rupture between the political class and the citizens seem disillusioned consumed … but still no reform. Cialis 20mg est-il le traitement de choix pour votre dysfonctionnement érectile ?

Cultivating public-citizen dialogue

For thirty years, participatory democracy experiments have proliferated in Quebec and elsewhere in the world. Revueds find these innovations at all political levels and in several areas of public interventions: neighborhood councils, participatory budgeting, citizen jury, public hearings, parent committee at schools, committee of users of public services, etc. Kamagra Oral Jelly en France est un nouveau traitement révolutionnaire

Rural Dignity

The first low-Laurentian Social Forum was held last fall at Holy Spirit, village symbol of “collective resilience” of a rural facing multiple crises. On the occasion of the anniversary of the forties of Dignity Operations , it was to bridge the gap between current and historical dynamic mobilisations (activists, artistic, intellectual, democratic, etc.) and, more broadly, with the anti-globalization movement which is expressed from the first World social Forum in 2001.

In The Field

Population and elect …

They are seen as both a cause and solution to cynicism. The word here is given to men and women of policies that address the role of elected and the question of the relationship to citizenship in the democratic system in Quebec.

Communities who renounce renounce

Rouyn-Noranda in Saint-Joachim-de-Shefford, through Saint-Venant-de-Paquette, communities draw a Québec solidaire and bold. They illustrate how the democratic vitality and mobilization are the key pieces of economic, social, cultural and ecological development in height.

Hard, hard, land!

Guts and patience, the Roman Alliance does not lack. Like the Community Action Issue Table Guardian of Pointe-Saint-Charles, the Urban Ecology Centre of Montreal and the St. Lawrence Coalition of the Îles-de-la-Madeleine. In their different ways, these four pressure groups actively defend the principle of democratization of the city, the river and the river.

This statistic is one of the many findings of the survey “Measuring the Jamesian sense of belonging,” research report by NISKA on behalf of the Social Development Committee of the Baie-James (CDSBJ). This report presents and discusses the results of a regional survey measuring the level of knowledge and perceptions of the population with regard to the region.


The involvement of women in decision-making bodies, although it tends to increase, not yet achieves an egalitarian and equal participation of these. In Mauricie, for example, their participation rate in all instances is about 33%. Historically, women were confined to the “private” while men were more public space.


The territorial committee in social, Actions Haut-Saint-Laurent , is a place of multi-sectoral consultation, information and partnership. This committee was created in reaction to the announcement of the closure of Huntingdon textile mills in 2004 and the layoff of more than 600 people, French and English.


Dr. Theo Mallet
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